ROVERETO: attentato incendiario nella notte al circolo anarchico di via Santa Maria ** ** TRENTO: elezioni provinciali di ottobre, sorteggiata la posizione di canddiati e simboli sulla scheda elettorale. Esclusi 7 nomi da 3 liste ** ** TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE: scandalo vitalizi, presentato un esposto alla Corte dei Conti per quantificare il danno d'immagine ** ** ROVERETO: oltre 2.500 partecipanti alla Strongmanrun, ha vinto il solandro Daniele Andreis ** ** PAGANELLA: si lancia dalla Paganella e atterra fra gli alberi. Recuperato dal soccorso alpino anche un 32enne rovesciatosi nel bosco con un quad a San Lorenzo Dorsino ** ** TRENTINO: cattivo stile di vita, coinvolto un bambino su cinque ** ** MIAMI: Chico Forti trasferito in un altro carcere. Il trentino è in cella da 19 anni ** ** HOCKEY: questa sera alle 19:00 a Pergine primo impegno delle Linci ** ** PINZOLO: il 47° Premio di Solidarietà Alpina consegnato al siciliano Francesco Zipper ** ** TRENTINO: esplosione di funghi nei boschi, attenti alle specie che mettete in padella ** ** GOLF: 18 buche distribuite negli angoli del centro storico di Trento **



WEATHER FORECAST 22-23 SEPTIf you’re planning a day out, you’d better do it on Sunday rather than on Saturday. The first day of the weekend will be very variable, with cloudy skies and possible thundery downpours. On Sunday, instead, the weather will be more stable as the sky will be mostly clear and dry. Highs will be around 25 degrees and lowest temperatures around 16 degrees.

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WEATHER FORECAST 15-16 SEPTThe weather will be better this weekend. Sunshine will alternate with clouds, but with no rain in sight. Highs will be around 26 degrees and lowest temperatures around 14 degrees.

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WEATHER FORECAST 8-9 SEPTAccording to the calendar summer is not over yet, but last weekend gave us a taste of autumn. This Saturday and Sunday things will get better, although forecasts are still extremely variable. Saturday morning should start with some clouds, but skies will be eventually clearer. On Sunday the weather will be rather sunny in the morning and cloudy at times in the afternoon. The possibility of thundery downpours up in the mountains, both Saturday and Sunday afternoon, is not to exclude.

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Good news are coming! Allow yourself outdoor hikes but always remember to bring raincoats with you, above all if you are going to the mountains. On Saturday and Sunday the sun will shine, but one or two clouds and showers are likely to develop during the afternoon and the evening.

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Don’t forget your umbrella before going out! What awaits us is a weekend whose character is more autumnal rather than summery. On Saturday clouds and heavy rains will be brought by the atmospheric disturbance that will affect the Alps. Things will change on Sunday, as clearer skies alternate with clouds, but in the afternoon, especially up in the mountains, there might be still some thundery showers. Temperatures will drop by a few degrees.

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WEATHER FORECAST 25-26AUGThis weekend it will be hard to make plans, judging by the sky. The weather will be indeed extremely variable. On Saturday clouds and storms are expected, particularly from the afternoon until the beginning of Sunday, as the wind will push those clouds away. Temperatures will decrease, as well as the amount of snow, although it will stay over 2500 meters. The beginning of next week will see a nice weather, but it will feel definitely cooler.

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Are you planning what to do during the weekend but it all depends on the weather conditions? You can allow yourself some outdoor trips but be sure to bring a raincoat with you if you’re going up to the mountains. On Saturday and Sunday it will be mostly sunny but in the afternoon and evening we will see more clouds around, with the chance of some thundery downpour. Don’t put off your trips though, because starting from Tuesday the weather could even worsen.

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The week that is likely to be remembered as the hottest of this year is coming to an end. During the weekend the maximum temperatures will remain high and it will still be sunny, but in the afternoon there’s a chance of thundery showers, especially in the mountains. Next week will start with more changeable and less warm weather.

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THE WEATHER IN THE WEEKENDIf you feel like making a trip outdoors or sunbathing at the lake, this is the perfect weekend for you! Both on Saturday and on Sunday the sun is going to shine and temperatures are going to rise again. There’s going to be a chance of thunderstorms springing to life, up in the mountains, only in the afternoon’s late hours, especially on Sunday. The start of the next week is going to be sunny and hot as well. If you can, make the most of this nice summer weather, but remember these precious pieces of advice in order to avoid risks due to the hot weather: you shouldn’t go outside during the hottest hours of the day and you should drink at least 2 litres of water per day. In order to lower your body temperature you should take warm showers. You shouldn’t eat rich food and should limit the use of alcohol. You should cool your house and working place but shouldn’t set your air conditioning below 23 degrees and, finally, if you’ve left your car in the sun, before entering it you should leave the doors open and the air conditioning going for a little while.

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WHAT'S THE WEATHER LIKE (JUL 21ST-22ND)Are you planning outdoor activities for this weekend? Well, actually you’d better reconsider your plans, because, sadly, the weather won’t be at its best. On Saturday, it will be mainly cloudy with one or two showers during the day. No change on Sunday, with rain particularly likely late in the afternoon. Beside the bad weather, temperatures are also going to drop, above all in the highs which will not exceed 27 degrees on Saturday and 29 on Sunday. Now a little fun fact: do you know that you can easily calculate your distance from a thunderstorm? All you have to do is counting the time between the lightning and the thunder. Light, in fact, goes faster than sound. So the further the thunderstorm, the longer the time between the lightning and the thunder. Considering the propagation speed of sound and light, we can assume that 5 seconds correspond to a distance of about 1,6 kilometres.

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IN THE WEEKEND: WEATHER FORECAST This weekend in Trentino we are going to have a hot climate. On Saturday the sun will dominate but in the afternoon it could probably get cloudy and there could be some brief thunderstorms in the mountains. On Sunday the weather is going to improve even more and the highs could get to 32 degrees. Be careful though because in the afternoon there’s going to be a chance of thunderstorms in the mountains.

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