TRENTINO: L'Associazione Nazionale Alpini favorevole alla proposta di Salvini di reintrodurre la leva obbligatoria ** ** TRENTO: incendio nella notte in via Chini, le fiamme partite da un negozio in disuso ** ** ARCO: lutto per la morte di Nicola Marcabruni deceduto ieri sera in un incidente a Dro ** ** TRENTO: investe una donna e non attende i soccorsi; denunciato un automobilista fotografato da un passante ** ** TRENTINO: la Finanza ha scoperto cinque casi di affitti in nero; evasi oltre 56mila euro ** ** CLES: durante un concerto i carabinieri hanno scoperto e denunciato quattro buttafuori abusivi ** ** TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE: l'inflazione più alta d'Italia costa alle famiglie 538 euro su base annua ** ** PORTE RENDENA: catturata e radiocollarata un'orsa di due anni ** ** ROVERETO: Giammarco Tamberi sarà presente al Palio Città della Quercia del 23 agosto ** **



MARK IT 11-12 AUGHere’s a guide to some of the events taking place during the following days. In Italy, the 15th of August is a public holiday called “Ferragosto”. The name takes us back to the Roman times and to the Latin expression, “Feriae Augusti”, that is Augustus’s rest. The holiday was then meant to celebrate the emperor, but it was also linked to older rites celebrating the end of farm works. The holiday was originally scheduled on the 1st of August. The change was decided by the Catholic Church, so that the secular occasion would coincide with the religious feast of Mary’s Assumption. On the 15th of August, there are many village fetes, organized here in Trentino as well, ranging from the sacred to the profane, among religious processions and community gatherings with traditional food being served. In Pergine, in Valsugana, they made up their minds and organized a big-time Ferragosto “Superfesta”, from Friday the 10th to Thursday the 16th, which is seven days of music, sport tournaments and traditional food. There is not much of the sacred left, actually, but it will be great fun. Otherwise, if you would like to travel back in time, Canale di Tenno is the right destination for your weekend. On Sunday, in this marvellous town not far from Lake Garda, the festival “Rustico Medioevo” comes to an end: it relates back to the origins of the town, that still maintains its narrow lanes and traditional houses. There are shops, streets shows and, once more, the unmissable typical dishes. A totally different story is that of the show performed by Israeli Sharon Fridman’s dance company. Premeried a couple of days ago at Compagnia dei Caduti, in Rovereto, the performance is taking advantage of a different and still meaningful stage on Saturday afternoon at 2 P.
M.: the Sacrario - the memorial monument - in Tonale Pass, which was a bloody war border during World War 1. Lo spettacolo intitolato “A piedi nudi- 100 anni dalla fine della Grande Guerra” mette al centro la donna come simbolo di rinascita. The event’s name is “A piedi nudi - 100 anni dalla fine della Grande Guerra” and it shines a spotlight on the role of the woman as symbol of rebirth. Another appointment which goes back to the same period is planned for the 16th August at Forte Dossaccio, in Bellamonte, in Val di Fiemme. “Fronte delle Dolomiti” is a show focused on music and words, and is part of “Sentinelle di Pietra”, that is “Stone Sentries”, a calendar of events which bring images, art and thoughts in places once scarred by the Great War. The same war also marked the transition of Trentino from the Austro-Hungarian Empire to Italy. Let’s end this appointment with two music events! Those who would love to sing traditional mountain songs should reach Malga Conseria Refuge (just above Scurelle, in Valsugana) on Sunday 12th August, at 4 P.
M. This is where the Lagorai Choir and Nosc Choir are going perform. All jazz lovers should not miss the last appointment of the itinerant “Garda Jazz Festival” On Saturday 11th August, at 9 P.
M., at Palazzo dei Congressi, in Riva del Garda, Joe Barbieri’s concert is going to take place, featuring a very special guest, trumpet player, Fabrizio Bosso, worldwide known for his style and mastery.

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EVENTS IN THE WEEKENDHere are the main events in the next few days and some information about the most interesting places in Trentino. We would like to present Campana dei Caduti of Rovereto - the bell honouring the fallen - which dominates the city of Colle di Miravalle and is called Maria Dolens. The bell was moulded with the bronze of the cannons used by several countries involved in World War 1, following the local priest Antonio Rossàro’s intention to remember all those fallen in the conflict. The former two bells got through a range of troubles: the bell currently in place dates back to the Sixties… The Foundation that takes care of it is now devoted to spread a peaceful message across the world. During the next few days the Bell will take centre stage during two events. This weekend, Rovereto is celebrating the feast of the patron Saint Maria Ausiliatrice, to whom the city turned at the beginning of 1700 and was thus spared from the French army’s destruction. On Saturday, at 7 P.
M., a walking pilgrimage is going to be performed from S. Marco’s church to Colle di Miravalle, while on Sunday evening a dinner is going to be offered by the Town Hall, following the religious celebrations. On Tuesday the 7th of August, at 6 P.
M., Israeli Shàron Fridman’s company is going to dance in front of Campana dei Caduti. The show will focus on the role of the woman as a symbol of tenacity and rebirth after World War 1, which ended a hundred years ago. This anniversary also recalls the peculiar situation of Trentino, which entered the war as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and ended it as part of Italy. On Saturday the 4th of August, at 5 P.
M., at Sella Giudicarie in Valle del Chiese, two well-known figures are addressing such topics as this peculiarity of Trentino, war and future: these are Lorenzo Cremonesi, war correspondent for Corriere della Sera, and alpinist Reinhold Messner, native from South Tyrol and famous climber of all the mountains over 8000 meters, also active as writer, movie director and museum curator. The lecture is going to take place in the suggestive Forte Larìno, which was built exactly when the first WWI winds were starting to blow across Trentino. Quite different from Messner, though widely renowned in Italy, is Mauro Corona, mountaineer and narrator of mountain stories and rites, who lately has also become a television personality. Corona is going to launch his latest book in Madonna di Campiglio at the “Mistero di Monti” festival, on Saturday the 4th of August at 5:30 p.m. Regarding mountain rites, the initiative “Albe in malga” offers the chance to live the early hours of the day in the houses and barns used for animal alpine pasture. The appointment is set for Sunday, at 6:00, inside Malga Casarina in Val Campelle. You’ll be able to milk the cows and start to prepare cheese before a well-deserved breakfast and a hike, if you still have any energy left. You can contact the Valsugana/Lagorai Apt for information and booking. As regards animals, you shouldn’t miss the appointment on Sunday the 5th of August in Cembra: the town districts are going to compete in the Palio Raglio, a parody of the more famous Palio di Siena, where donkeys will take the place of horses. The start is set for 6:00 p.m. A completely different atmosphere will be in the air during one of the last appointments of the Sounds of the Dolomites festival. Grant-Lee Phillips, a songwriter who made the history of American music, is going to perform on Tuesday the 7th of August, at noon, at Malga Canvère. And now let’s finish this week’s agenda with two sport appointments. With a view to the volleyball world championship that is going to be hosted by Italy in September, the Italian team is currently training in Cavalese and, on Saturday the 4th of August, at 5:30 p.m., they will play Netherland in a friendly match. If you rather want to see the promises of climbing, you should visit Arco this weekend: the town near Lake Garda has become one of the main world destinations for this sport and is in fact hosting the Rock Master Junior.

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We'llguide you through the main appointments scheduled for the following days. Let’s start by tempting you with some delicacies: if you’d like to taste a traditional dish of Trentino, you can’t miss the Polenta Festival, held in Roncegno Terme, in Valsugana, up to Sunday. Polenta, which is made of maize flour, was once a humble meal but it has by now become an accompaniment to gourmet dishes. During the festival many old recipes will be dusted off, not only those based on polenta, but also pastries made with maize flour. Let’s stay in Valsugana for a journey back in history. Up to Sunday, Pergine is hosting the Medieval Festival, which features a military camp, duels, parades and falconry shows. During the next few days, music lovers can enjoy three appointments of the Suoni delle Dolomiti programme, the festival that brings great artists’ music on the natural stage of our mountains. On Sunday at midday, at Roda di Vael Refuge, in Valle di Fassa, the celebrated jazz musician, Paolo Fresu, is going to mix his notes with those of an orchestra playing the traditional ladino music, namely Musèga de Poza. On Wednesday the 1st of August, at midday, Vision String Quartet is going to perform at Bombasel Lakes in Lagorai. On Friday the 3rd of August, again at midday, at Villa Welsperg, near Pale di San Martino, there is going to be one of the most looked-forward appointments of the festival, that is the tribute to Lucio Battisti, the singer and songwriter who made the history of Italian music. He will be commemorated by a very original band headed by Peppe Servillo. And now an appointment meant mostly for the little ones, but which could also entertain those adults who want to be kids again for a whiles. We’re talking about “Ora dei burattini”, the festival organized by the city council of Arco, Riva del Garda and Nago-Torbole, and run by the theatre association Iride. With more than twenty years of history behind, this event offers 14 representations and 5 labs, all scheduled until the 9th of August. During the festival, a fundraising for Unicef is also planned. The ancient art of puppets is still able to enchant; so much so that every show organized in the squares, parks, courtyards and even by the lakeshores, usually ends up with a sold-out. Many appointments are also scheduled for the next week, starting from Monday, at 6 P.
M., at Centro Giovani di Arco, when “I racconti del folletto dei sogni” will be first rehearsed; the play will continue until Friday evenng, the 3rd of August, with a street art show in Torbole’s square. For further information please check the institutional websites of Arco and Garda Trentino. All football lovers shouldn’t miss the match between Naples and Chievo, which are expected to play on Sunday 29th July, from 9 P.
M., at Briamasco Stadium in Trento. This could even be a Serie A preview if Chievo, the Verona team, will manage to fix its legal issues. This match will end their retreat in Trentino, in Valle di Sole, like every year chosen by the team led by Carlo Ancelotti in order to train for the championship. Speaking of sport, this weekend Golf Club Rendena in Bocenago will host the first local competition of the new-born “footgolf”. Just arrived in Italy, in 2013, it is basically a mix of football and golf: feet replace golf clubs and there is an actual ball instead of little ones. The aim remains the same though: hitting - or better kicking - the ball into a series of holes in as few strokes as possible. Of course, the holes are bigger too.

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Here's a tour of events, concerts an appointments you should not miss during next week. Let’s start off with dance: the 2018 edition of Bolzano Danza festival is currently taking place and livening up the capital city of Alto Adige up until the 27th of July. You can look at the full program on the website, Regarding theatre, the appointment with Drodesera at Centrale Fies is set for this weekend, and again from the 25th to the 28th of July, with exhibits, performances and art installations. Again, the full program can be found on the website You should not miss the appointment with the opening night of the “Sexual nevrotics” show, on the 24th and 25th of July, at 9:00 p.m., at Pergine’s theatre. Let’s go up to the mountains, near Predazzo, in the fields and woods of Gardoné, where the first Clownerie Week is taking place with shows and worksphops on acrobatics and juggling. And let’s now talk about music, still on the mountains, for the Sounds of the Dolomites festival: on Saturday the 21st of July, in the eveningn at San Vigilio church, in Spiazzo Rendena, Gidon Kremer and Kremerata Baltica are going to perform a concert. The concert is going to be rehearsed on Sunday, at midday, in Malga Brenta Bassa, in Val Rendena. The festival continues on Friday the 27th, with Ginevra di Marco, at Bait del Germano, on Brenta Dolomites, and on Sunday the 29th with Paolo Fresu and his journey to discover the mountain sounds at Rifugio Roda in Vaèl. There will be many musical events across the province: Daniele Groff in Torcegno, on the 22nd of July, Cristina Donà, in Montagne, on the 21st, Bastard Sons of Dioniso, in Moena ,on the 25th, and, on the same day, the concert by London Brass, in Crispi School’s courtyard, in Trento. Furthermore, Dolcenera is going to sing at Lago delle Piazze, on the 26th of July, and, as far as the opera is concerned, Giuseppe Verdi’s Traviata will be performed on Saturday, the 28th of July, in Cortile della Rocca, in Riva del Garda. To chocolate lovers we recommend the festival Chocomoments in Predazzo, which lasts until the 22nd of July, that will offer cooking shows, lessons and tastings. Another date to save is the 27th of July, when the fifth birthday of Muse will be celebrated in Trento, with a memorable party, starting at 5 pm. Still on the 27th of July, the Medieval Festival will start in Pergine, with banquets, performances and historic re-enactments.

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This week we’ll recommend you once again some events to get to know Trentino, where some of you may be spending their holidays. We’ll focus mainly on places originally intended for other purposes and now turning into stages for shows or concerts. Let’s start with the WWI forts, places having an undeniable emotional impact. There are many that tell the peculiar history of Trentino, a land that was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire when the war started and became Italian when it ended. Being a borderland, many defensive edifices were built here. A hundred years after that bloody war, the forts, many of which have been restored, take part in a project about peacemaking called “Sentinelle di Pietra”, that is “Stone Sentries”, promoted by Provincia di Trento. Till the 23rd of September there will be shows, concerts, displays and time for reflection. Among these events, on Saturday the 7th of July a dramatised tour of Forte Strino will take place in Vermiglio, in Val di Sole. Let’s move from war forts to a hydroelectric power station, namely that big edifice in Dro along the road that leads to Lake Garda. It was built in the early 20th century to supply the energy requirements of the booming city of Trento. In the 1960s it got heavily reduced, and now it has become one of those industrial relics having a second life thanks to contemporary art. On Saturday evening 7th July at 9 P.
M. you will be given the opportunity to take part in a unique show of the artist Giovanni Morbin. Namely “Concerto a Perdifiato”, it is based on a particular tool that links mouth and ear, allowing people to listen to themselves. Main protagonists will be twenty voluntary performers. And about art’s contamination again: until 15th of July, the city of Pergine will present a lot of stages for shows, concerts, exhibits and meetings, which will all be part of the well-known Pergine Festival. A lot of other appointments can be found at Even a football field can offer a high chance of entertainment, above all if the playing team is believed to be a likely protagonist in Italy and Europe. During the month of July, Trentino becomes the main destination for many teams’ retreats, but now the attention is mainly given to Neaples and its new coach Carlo Ancelotti, which will be back in Dimàro from 10th to 30th July. And now let’s end up with two main appointments leading us up to the mountains. This weekend, in Passo Vèzzena, “Festa del Latte” is proud to welcome both kids and adults, giving them not only the opportunity to taste cheese, yoghurt, cream and other local specialties, but also to prepare these dishes with their hands. Let’s go back to natural stages with an appointment regarding “Suoni delle Dolomiti”. Sunday 8th July at 12 P.
M. at Rosetta Refuge near Pale di S. Martino there will be an amazing concert which will have as main guests musician Mario Brunello and climber Manolo, that will be the ending part of three days of trekking, music and words.

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MARK ITWe would suggest you the main events in the next few days in Trentino. The Festival of Economics will be the leading event during the next week. For the thirteenth consecutive year this festival will attract globally renowned experts, students and common citizens with a shared curiosity of knowing a little bit more about this topic. Subject of this year is going to be job and technology. Are robots actually stealing people’s jobs? Researchers like Nobel Prize winner Michael Spence will answer not only to this but also to any other question. This festival will take place in Trento from May 31st to June 3rd. Check out the full program at But now let’s look at Pergine: on May 26th and 27th “Tutti Fuori” is scheduled, the big feast organized by the regional Pro Loco, namely the associations usually organizing these feasts in different towns. They will all meet up at Tre Castagni park, which will turn into a huge outdoor restaurant for the occasion: in every single corner there will be a Pro Loco offering a traditional food. Not only food though! On the agenda there’s also a concert of the Tuscan singer-songwriter Irene Grandi on Saturday evening at 9.00 P.
M. Now we’re going to underline two interesting events for all art and wine lovers happening during the weekend. In Trentino “Palazzi Aperti” keeps going: this is the perfect occasion for admiring sheer works of art - which otherwise wouldn’t be available for visitors for logistical problems or because they are part of a private collection. The program can be found online at Trentino Cultura website. Not only palaces but even wine cellars will open their doors during the weekend: all the firms participating to the Wine Tourism Movement will welcome visitors with wine tastings. The program is available online at Among the other weekly events we remind you that the company Dance Emotions will give a dance performance entitled “Neverland”, freely inspired by Peter Pan’s adventures, on Saturday 26th May, at 8:30 p.m. at the theatre Teatro Auditorium of Trento. On Monday 28th May at the S.
Bartolomeo hall of residence you’ll be able to try dances from Northern and Western Europe with the initiative “Università Estate 2018”. Still in Trento, on Wednesday 30th May at 6:00 pm at the Muse (the Science Museum of Trento) there will be an interesting lecture on the risks of living in and going up to the mountain. We will wonder in particular whether it’s possible to foresee landslides. Even though the national muster has ended, there are still many exhibits dedicated to Italian alpine troopers and to WWI in different areas of Trentino. We suggest in particular those hosted at the Historical War Museum in the Castle of Rovereto. The first one is a photographic exhibit about alpine troopers at the frontline, the second is named “The soldier’s skin” and showcases how, in conflicts of the XX century, soldiers had to face the huge destructive potential of weaponry with very few protective devices. The exhibit mainly refers to the Great War but it also projects onto the XXI century: from armors to helmets, from shields to gas masks, from camouflage to protections against nuclear, bacteriological and chemical threats. Finally, we remind to all those who would like to make a special trip, that the “Trentino dei Castelli” will occur during the weekend: it is a special ride on the Trento-Malè railway, from Trento to the Valle di Sole. During the bus trip back 4 stops will be made in as many fascinating manor houses: Castel Ossana, Castel Caldès, Castel Valèr and Castel Thun.

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