PERGINE: svolta nel giallo dell'anziana 75enne aggredita lo scorso 9 luglio. E' stata arrestata la vicina 52enne ** ** TRENTO: L'Upt chiede Una settimana per capire se sia possibile l'allargamento ai civici. Ancora nessuna certezza sul nome del candidato presidente ** ** SAN LORENZO IN BANALE: lutto per la morte della 69enne Ilda Bosetti Gionghi, rimasta vittima di un incidente in quad domenica scorsa ** ** TRENTO: Un'estate di cantieri: Dal lung'adife Sanseverino a Piedicastello fino a viale Rovereto: tanti i lavori a Trento. Intanto il consiglio comunale ha dato il via libera al nuovo parco di Roncafort: 5mila metri quadri pronti alla fine dell'estate 2019 per un costo di 800mila euro ** ** TRENTO: a giugno il capoluogo sotto la media nazionale nel livello di inflazione. I rincari più alti a Bolzano e Reggio Emilia ** ** PERGINE: Ciclabili a singhiozzo . Viale Venezia e Viale Dante i punti più discussi ** ** TRENTO: Quattro giorni sul Bondone senza connessione: è la proposta nell'ambito dei piani giovani di zona di Trento aperta a quaranta studenti universitari ** ** Inviateci foto e segnalazioni all'indirizzo



Sabato, 26 Maggio 2018 15:15

We would suggest you the main events in the next few days in Trentino. The Festival of Economics will be the leading event during the next week. For the thirteenth consecutive year this festival will attract globally renowned experts, students and common citizens with a shared curiosity of knowing a little bit more about this topic. Subject of this year is going to be job and technology. Are robots actually stealing people’s jobs? Researchers like Nobel Prize winner Michael Spence will answer not only to this but also to any other question. This festival will take place in Trento from May 31st to June 3rd. Check out the full program at But now let’s look at Pergine: on May 26th and 27th “Tutti Fuori” is scheduled, the big feast organized by the regional Pro Loco, namely the associations usually organizing these feasts in different towns. They will all meet up at Tre Castagni park, which will turn into a huge outdoor restaurant for the occasion: in every single corner there will be a Pro Loco offering a traditional food. Not only food though! On the agenda there’s also a concert of the Tuscan singer-songwriter Irene Grandi on Saturday evening at 9.00 P.
M. Now we’re going to underline two interesting events for all art and wine lovers happening during the weekend. In Trentino “Palazzi Aperti” keeps going: this is the perfect occasion for admiring sheer works of art - which otherwise wouldn’t be available for visitors for logistical problems or because they are part of a private collection. The program can be found online at Trentino Cultura website. Not only palaces but even wine cellars will open their doors during the weekend: all the firms participating to the Wine Tourism Movement will welcome visitors with wine tastings. The program is available online at Among the other weekly events we remind you that the company Dance Emotions will give a dance performance entitled “Neverland”, freely inspired by Peter Pan’s adventures, on Saturday 26th May, at 8:30 p.m. at the theatre Teatro Auditorium of Trento. On Monday 28th May at the S.
Bartolomeo hall of residence you’ll be able to try dances from Northern and Western Europe with the initiative “Università Estate 2018”. Still in Trento, on Wednesday 30th May at 6:00 pm at the Muse (the Science Museum of Trento) there will be an interesting lecture on the risks of living in and going up to the mountain. We will wonder in particular whether it’s possible to foresee landslides. Even though the national muster has ended, there are still many exhibits dedicated to Italian alpine troopers and to WWI in different areas of Trentino. We suggest in particular those hosted at the Historical War Museum in the Castle of Rovereto. The first one is a photographic exhibit about alpine troopers at the frontline, the second is named “The soldier’s skin” and showcases how, in conflicts of the XX century, soldiers had to face the huge destructive potential of weaponry with very few protective devices. The exhibit mainly refers to the Great War but it also projects onto the XXI century: from armors to helmets, from shields to gas masks, from camouflage to protections against nuclear, bacteriological and chemical threats. Finally, we remind to all those who would like to make a special trip, that the “Trentino dei Castelli” will occur during the weekend: it is a special ride on the Trento-Malè railway, from Trento to the Valle di Sole. During the bus trip back 4 stops will be made in as many fascinating manor houses: Castel Ossana, Castel Caldès, Castel Valèr and Castel Thun.


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