TRENTO: Prima seduta del consiglio provinciale. Fumata nera per l'elezione del presidente dell'aula ** ** TRENTO: Vasta operazione antidroga dei carabinieri. Scoperto un gruppo di narcotrafficanti a Castello di Fiemme. Emesse 18 ordinanze di custodia cautelare. Sono state calcolate in circa un migliaio le cessioni di cocaina compiute in otto mesi nelle valli di Fiemme, Fassa e Cembra ** ** SAGRON MIS: Tragedia nei boschi, boscaiolo di 28 anni perde la vita travolto da un tronco. Indagano i carabinieri per chiarire l'accaduto ** ** GRUMES: Incidente stradale verso le 8. Un 19enne ha perso il controllo della sua auto scontrandosi con un camion. E' grave ** ** FOLGARIA: Giovedì alle 14.30 nella chiesa parrocchiale i funerali di Alessandro Pighetti, ucciso dal compgano della madre Massimo Toller che poi a sua volta si è suicidato. Funerali separati per i due ** ** CAVALESE: Anche i sindacati esprimono perplessità per la riapertura del punto nascite. "Al primo posto deve esserci la sicurezza di mamma e bambino" - scrivono. "Bisognerebbe strutturare nelle valli dei percorsi nascita completi" ** ** METEO: Prima neve sul Trentino, con fiocchi a quote basse arrivati alle porte del capoluogo



Sabato, 07 Luglio 2018 00:35
This week we’ll recommend you once again some events to get to know Trentino, where some of you may be spending their holidays. We’ll focus mainly on places originally intended for other purposes and now turning into stages for shows or concerts. Let’s start with the WWI forts, places having an undeniable emotional impact. There are many that tell the peculiar history of Trentino, a land that was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire when the war started and became Italian when it ended. Being a borderland, many defensive edifices were built here. A hundred years after that bloody war, the forts, many of which have been restored, take part in a project about peacemaking called “Sentinelle di Pietra”, that is “Stone Sentries”, promoted by Provincia di Trento. Till the 23rd of September there will be shows, concerts, displays and time for reflection. Among these events, on Saturday the 7th of July a dramatised tour of Forte Strino will take place in Vermiglio, in Val di Sole. Let’s move from war forts to a hydroelectric power station, namely that big edifice in Dro along the road that leads to Lake Garda. It was built in the early 20th century to supply the energy requirements of the booming city of Trento. In the 1960s it got heavily reduced, and now it has become one of those industrial relics having a second life thanks to contemporary art. On Saturday evening 7th July at 9 P.
M. you will be given the opportunity to take part in a unique show of the artist Giovanni Morbin. Namely “Concerto a Perdifiato”, it is based on a particular tool that links mouth and ear, allowing people to listen to themselves. Main protagonists will be twenty voluntary performers. And about art’s contamination again: until 15th of July, the city of Pergine will present a lot of stages for shows, concerts, exhibits and meetings, which will all be part of the well-known Pergine Festival. A lot of other appointments can be found at Even a football field can offer a high chance of entertainment, above all if the playing team is believed to be a likely protagonist in Italy and Europe. During the month of July, Trentino becomes the main destination for many teams’ retreats, but now the attention is mainly given to Neaples and its new coach Carlo Ancelotti, which will be back in Dimàro from 10th to 30th July. And now let’s end up with two main appointments leading us up to the mountains. This weekend, in Passo Vèzzena, “Festa del Latte” is proud to welcome both kids and adults, giving them not only the opportunity to taste cheese, yoghurt, cream and other local specialties, but also to prepare these dishes with their hands. Let’s go back to natural stages with an appointment regarding “Suoni delle Dolomiti”. Sunday 8th July at 12 P.
M. at Rosetta Refuge near Pale di S. Martino there will be an amazing concert which will have as main guests musician Mario Brunello and climber Manolo, that will be the ending part of three days of trekking, music and words.
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