TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE: elezioni provinciali, alle 17:00 affluenza al 38,74%, in linea con 5 anni fa. Castel Condino il Comune più virtuoso. In provincia di Bolzano ha votato il 50,5% contro il 56,6% del 2013 ** ** TIONE: 17enne di Ala cade da un muretto fuori dalla discoteca, trasportata in codice rosso all'ospedale di Trento. La prognosi è di 30 giorni ** ** STRIGNO: malore fatale per un uomo nel bosco in cerca di funghi ** ** CONDINO: chiuso il 124° congresso della SAT ** ** TERRAGNOLO: chiuso il market multiservizi, punto di riferimento per i residenti delle frazioni ** ** ROVERETO: da domani si paga per la sosta al parcheggio interrato dell'Urban City, prima ora gratis per i clienti del centro commerciale ** ** MOLLARO: principio d'incendio in falegnameria ** ** TRENTO: conclusa alle 19:00 in piscina a Gardolo la 24 ore di staffetta della solidarietà ** ** BASKET: ancora una sconfitta per l'Aquila contro Varese ** ** ELEZIONI: domani la maratona no-stop su RTTR dalle 7:00 alle 23:00. Questa sera dalle 22:00 all'1:00 di notte seguiremo lo spoglio in Alto Adige



Venerdì, 14 Settembre 2018 16:30
This week our journey in exploration of the main events in Trentino starts up above the sky. Up to Sunday, the small “Caproni” airport in Mattarello, at the gates of Trento, will host Festivolare, an air show that draws an increasing number of attendees of all ages. The event offers meetings with actual pilots, shows, visits to the museum where you can admire historical aircrafts and even the chance of flying above the town. The complete program is available on The “Resistenze” festival instead, stays grounded and offers food for thought during its new edition, which will be held up to Sunday in “Battisti” square in Trento. This year the main focus will be on Trump’s America and on Italian emigrants, especially women and young people, who first move abroad and then decide to come back. This festival represents the conclusion of a yearly path that aims at engaging young people who strive to be active and conscious citizens. The main speakers will be the journalists Tiziana Ferrario and Gad Lerner. On Saturday the 15th, Trento will also be the beating heart of the celebrations regarding the 30th anniversary of Trentino’s protected areas and natural reserves, which have come to be models of land management and nature conservation. The the science museum “Muse” by Renzo Piano, will host meetings meant to spark a dialogue about the mentioned themes and at night, a party with shows and concerts. On Sunday morning, the celebration will move away from Trento in order to offer two record-breaking appointments: at midday, in Rabbi Valley, within Stelvio national park, three different groups of people will simultaneously hug a tree. It will be Europe’s largest hug of this kind. In the Canali valley, instead, within the Paneveggio - Pale di S.
Martino park, the world’s longest single file line of barefoot people in a mountain area will be formed. Those who prefer a more comfortable kind of stroll will surely find Trento’s “DOC - denominazione di origine culturale” event very interesting. It’ll take place from 4 pm to 10.30 pm on Saturday the 15th and will offer a tour among the city centre’s palaces and artistic landmarks. At each stop, local delicacies and typical wines will be available for sampling. The cost will range from 22 to 27 euros for person. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with the headquarters of “Strada Del Vino e Dei Sapori”, who are the organizers of this event. Plenty of beer toasts instead, will be made at the first appointment of the “Trento e la Baviera” event, which takes place in the area between Trento and Mattarello. Known as Trentino’s Oktoberfest, it will open its gates every weekend up to the 7th of October. Last week we informed you that this is the period during which animals come back from alpine pastures. It is a rite that turns into a proper celebration in many areas of Trentino: in Pieve Tesino, a series of events will mark the walk of the herds from mountainous areas to the sea, while in Bedollo the “Desmalgada” of adorned cows will occur on Sunday. And finally, if you can’t get enough of pumpkins, you can find every possible variety in Levico, where up until Sunday the “Pumpkin festival” will be held. It is still September, but it will make you already feel the Halloween atmosphere.


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